Studying in Sapporo

Sapporo is an enjoyable city in which to study abroad

International students and their families will find the comfortable, appealing living environment extremely satisfying

A charming city where urban functions and nature exist in harmony

Sapporo is a place in which the bustling city and abundant natural environment can both be enjoyed.

Stress-free life

Sapporo is free from the crowded complexity of Tokyo, but has no shortage of shopping facilities and transportation functions for a convenient lifestyle.

Inexpensive rent

Housing costs in Hokkaido can be kept low compared with those in places like Tokyo, Osaka, Aichi and Fukuoka.

Food in Sapporo and Hokkaido

One of the greatest appeals of Sapporo is the delicious food, made with the freshest products from Hokkaido’s land and seas.

Japanese without a strong accent

It is important for international students studying Japanese to be able to hear the language they have learned, and language that is understood anywhere in Japan.

What international students think about Sapporo

Seeing is believing – actual opinions from the perspectives of students from overseas

Substantial support

Knowhow acquired from accepting countless international students is used to help the students.

  • Everyday life support

  • Extracurricular support

  • Employment support

Promotional video "Life in Sapporo"

In this short movie foreign nationals living in Sapporo share what they love about life in this city. Interviews and stunning imagery depict Sapporo's wholesome living environment.

Long ver.

Short ver.